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Whoever said freelancing is a piece of cake was either lying or was already having too much financial cushion to lay their back on.

Yes, freelancing requires dedication, effort, and most importantly resilience. But what if your strategy is simply not working? What if you are just smashing your head on a solid brick wall? What then? Freelancing is not easy and is myriad with challenges.

Now the question is: Can these challenges be solved?

That’s what we are going to discuss in this article. The best part? These challenges are not just solvable, they are pretty easy to solve if you have the right attitude and they open new opportunities if you look at them that way. With that said, let’s cut the chase.

Top Challenges Freelancers Face When Acquiring Clients and Their Solutions

List of challenges freelancers face on a regular basis and their possible solutions.

Where to Start Finding Clients?

The biggest worry of each freelancer? Where can I find consistent clients that can keep my bottom line running?! This is a genuine question and every freelancer struggles with it. 


Start with your own network. If you sell a website design and development service, ask your friends to help you promote it. Maybe they have a friend or relative that needs your service? 

Better yet, get them to order the service on Hirefied. Why? Because they can then rate your service on that platform. This can help you in the long term.

By registering with Hirefied you get the opportunity of working with hundreds of local clients and on thousands of relevant projects. At Hirefied clients can also search you and hire your services. 

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Getting Scammed

The second biggest challenge of freelancers which usually arises once they have found a client is: How to trust this client?

Funny right? But this is true. If you look at the statistics, every second client that is found through a not-secure channel like social media, WhatsApp, email, can scam the freelancer because there is no escrow system involved.


That’s why it is important to always involve a third party that keeps the money until the freelancer finishes the job and then gives that to him/her. 

You know Hirefied now lets you escrow money for ZERO COST! Your money is secured with us and released to you upon successful completion of the project; no questions asked. With Hirefied you can be at ease and do not have to worry about getting scammed again.

Not Getting Consistent Work

Dry spells are evident. In fact, post-covid, dry spells have become rampant. Even the best of clients struggle with finding relevant work for their business because people are just not ready to offer it. 

However, covid will go away sooner or later, this problem won’t. So, what is the solution?


Get long-term clients by earning their trust. If a client is coming to you to get a logo design service, ask them if they would like a website or a mobile app, or even branding help with that.

Offer the best rates and provide quality service so that the client keeps coming back. You can also give the client a discount and ask him/her to refer another client that wants your service.

Hirefied promotes and encourages talented and hard-working freelancers through its rating system. Rating helps clients to pick the right candidate with confidence. 

Time & Deadlines Management 

Most clients will stop getting your services if you are not consistent with the deadlines. Deadlines are a surefire way to win your clients, especially in this highly competitive world. So, you need to keep a tab on time.

But the challenge is, how to do that?


Use Trello project management tool for deadline management. Make sure that you are reminded when a deadline is approaching – at least a few days earlier – so that you can get the work done.

Similarly, use desk time management software to know how much time you spent on your work and in leisure. This will help you manage time easily.

At Hirefied we believe in fair payouts, therefore, gives you an option to request early payouts in case project requirements change. 

Not Marketing Properly & On the Right Mediums

Clients come through two ways. 

  • Inbound
  • Outbound

Either you will be approaching clients through freelance-related websites, their email ids, and even approaching them on groups.

Or, you will be approached by clients through inbound calls and requests. People may send you an email asking for your quotes and prices.

Both require marketing. However, you alone can’t market because you will be busy managing clients and fulfilling the tasks they assigned. So, what is the solution?


Join hands with other freelancers. To double your client base you can collaborate with a business developer or a sales expert. So, when you get a project, they will get 30% profit from it and the rest will go to you. 

You can even hire virtual assistants to take care of outreach and site management. This will help you focus on your projects while your VAs will keep bringing more of them.

Not Knowing How to Network

Freelancers are often introverts because they stay in front of their computers working on cool projects. This also has a drawback. It makes them less social and they have a hard time networking with others – others who can become their potential clients in near future.

So, what can you do about it?


Be better at social networking. Social skills only improve with practice. If you don’t practice more often, you will never get better at them. Also, stop being shy. You are not asking someone for money when you ask them if they require work. You are helping them achieve their goal, fulfill their desire, turn their dreams into reality. So, don’t be shy and offer your services to people you meet boldly.

Even better, get printed cards that you can distribute among people you meet.

Not Communicating Properly With Clients

Another reason freelancers are not able to get clients is that they are often poor at communication. Unless they are in sales or marketing where verbal communication is frequently used, freelancers are developers and designers who work in silos. This makes them poor communicators. However, clients are always looking for communication because that is the way they can sustain their clients.

If you have looked closely on Fiverr, Upwork, and other top freelancing platforms, you would see that they have a ‘Communication’ section where clients rate freelancer’s communication. This just shows how crucial client communication is.


Improve client communication by always keeping them in the loop throughout the work you offer them. If you are creating a website/logo or even doing an assignment for them, make sure they are kept in the loop. You can update them through any mode of communication you are using. This will help them know where you are on their task. If they want any changes made, they can do that as well.

Bottom line: Be Proactive & Bold

You are a freelancer, be proud of that. You are working for yourself. And, when you are working for yourself, there are some simple principles you need to follow. 

These are:

  • Always be open to criticism
  • Always try to help the clients, money will follow
  • Make sure to keep a tab on the deadlines 
  • Don’t shy away from asking

With these tips, you are now ready to start hunting for clients. So, go out there and make it happen.

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