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The only way to get financially stable faster is if you have multiple sources of income. Most of us are living paycheck to paycheck because inflation is rising and our ability to earn more through a single job is decreasing. So, what can one do to have multiple sources of income? That’s where freelancing comes in. Freelancing is not easy but it isn’t difficult either if you know the ropes of the trade. 

What you need is to learn is a skill set that you can easily use for freelancing. To help you get started, we are listing the best skills to earn money by freelancing from home.

Let’s find out what these skills are and exactly how much you can earn with them by freelancing online.
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Web & Mobile Application Development

Close-up image of programmer working at his desk in office

Coding is the number one skill in freelancing and good coders are earning north of 100,000 PKR per month with freelancing alone. The only thing you would need for coding is a good computer and a thorough understanding of algorithms.

If you grasp algorithms once, there is no programming language that you can’t learn. Except for the syntax of most programming languages the functions are almost the same. 

If you are already a programmer and not earning through freelancing, this is your chance to do so. With Hirefied, you can get freelance projects of your choice. It also supports escrow and milestone-based payment so that you can get paid for the work done. 

Graphic Designing

Graphic design and color swatches and pens on a desk. Architectural drawing with work tools and accessories.

Next best way to earn money while freelancing is with graphic design. If you are a graphic designer, a video animator, a visual artist and still working a 9 to 5 job, then you should try your hands-on freelancing. If you have a good portfolio and a grasp of tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, you can easily get projects worth 50,000 PKR. The best part? You can complete these projects within a week while working from home.

On Hirefied you can offer your designing services at your desired rates and make your way up as you deliver projects on time. Clients can also hire you on part-time and full-time contracts.

Content Writing/Editing

Good content writers are hard to find. If you are a top-notch writer with command over words, and a grasp over thoughts, you can land some amazing writing projects through freelancing. Companies looking for insightful writers are willing to pay as much as 5PKR per word. Imagine how much you can make by writing a 1,000-word piece. Now multiply it with a daily workload of the same word count and you have a steady stream of income. Isn’t that great?

If you want to try your hands on editing others’ content, you can do so with freelancing. Freelance editors can easily earn around 50,000PKR per month for only two to three hours of work every day. 

At Hirefied you can start exploring content writing and editing projects. Everyday hundreds of individual clients and businesses require content related services like copywriting, proofreading, and content writing. Land on the best-suited project with the payment security.

Virtual Assistant/Data Entry

Small business owners are looking to get their work done faster. They hire virtual assistants from Pakistan and other countries to do that. If you are someone who can check and respond to emails, create logs and reports, and manage menial tasks, you can earn 200PKR to 500PKR per hour doing this type of work.

Excited yet? If you learn seller account management for Daraz, Etsy, Amazon, and eBay, you can earn 5000PKR per hour. Isn’t that what you always dreamed of? 

If you are already qualified to become a virtual assistant, numerous freelance virtual assistant projects are waiting for you on Hirefied.

Similarly, if you have only basic knowledge of computers, you can still earn a lot from freelancing. Most companies are looking for permanent data entry specialists for their work. Since data entry cost is too much in the US and Canada, they offload their work to Pakistan. So, you can easily earn $3 per hour for doing random data entry work.

Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click

Every digital business requires promotion. Promotion is possible in two ways: Search engine optimization (SEO), and performance marketing aka Paid Per Click (PPC). 

Both require expertise.

If you are an SEO specialist, or a PPC specialist, and looking to earn on the side through freelancing, you can bid on digital marketing freelance projects. 

SEOs and PPC experts can easily earn 40,000 PKR to 60,000 PKR for the consultancy of each project. The interesting thing is that consultancy requires only 3 to 4 hours of work each week. Most marketing experts have 3 to 4 projects running at the same time. Just imagine the possibilities and avenues available to you through your SEO and PPC prowess!

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Social Media Management

Social media management and maintenance have now become a profession. Companies are always looking for creative social media managers that can improve online engagement on their pages and accounts and increase sales. 

It would not be wrong to call social media managers as brand managers. They are responsible for managing pages with thousands of followers. Their creative work can bring consistent orders for the brands they are working with. The best part? They can do the same for brands with freelancing. 

Professional social media managers earn 50,000 PKR to 80,000 per month for managing a brand’s online presence. Moreover, they also charge a commission for each product sold through their efforts from the brand. 

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Teaching & Tutoring

Young students classmates help friend catching up workbook and learning tutoring in a library, education and school concept.

Due to COVID, teachers have started teaching online. Where they were earning only a few thousand dollars per month through their schools, they can now earn 3X of that with freelancing, that too by spending fewer hours and less effort.

If you have been tutoring students at home or teaching at a school, you can now do the same in your spare time through freelance tutoring. 

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These are some of the best skills that you can use to earn more while staying at home. 

If you are unsure how to get started, or if you need guidance in setting up your account and promoting your skills online, you can get help from us. Simply comment below and one of our representatives will guide you.

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