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Refund Policy

A refund can be requested directly from a freelancer through Hirefied within 180 days of the payment.

The usual 14 days are still available for leaving feedback if you close the contract while waiting for a refund. If you wait longer than that, you’ll lose your ability to leave public feedback on the contract.

The freelancer can enable feedback changes if you leave feedback and want to change it later.

Based on your request, your freelancer can then choose to issue a full refund, a partial refund, or no refund at all. Even without a formal request, they can initiate a refund through Hirefied on any contract, active or ended, provided that:

  • The refund is within 180 days of the payment
  • The refund amount is not more than what they earned on the contract
  • They have funds available to cover the refund

Approved refund requests 

Refunds are automatically credited to your billing method following freelancer approval.

  • It may take 3-5 business days for the credit to be available to you.
  • If a refund reduces the freelancer’s earnings to PKR 100 or less on the contract, the contract will no longer show on either of your work histories. Any feedback will be removed from your ratings. It can take up to 12 hours for this information to update.

Note: If your original payments came from multiple billing methods, we’ll automatically apply a single credit to your Hirefied account that can be used to cover future invoices. If you prefer, you have the option of contacting Hirefied customer support to request that split credits be applied to all the payment methods you originally used rather than to your Hirefied account balance. Funds billed to one method cannot be refunded to another.